A cryptocurrency is a digital internet-based, virtual currency medium of exchange which uses cryptography to secure, conduct and verify transactions as well as to control the creation of new units of a particular cryptocurrency. Using the blockchain technology to gain decentralization and transparency, cryptocurrencies are limited block entries in a database with a very secure complex system that cannot be altered in anyone's favour and if that is to happen the system will neutralize and protect other transactions.

In the 90's some innovative individuals and companies once created some digital currencies but due security and loopholes in the systems the digital currencies failed. In the new millenium, precisely in 2009 an anonymous developer known as Satoshi Nakamoto created a blockchain based cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin. This new currency is the leading currency in the cryptocurrency market in terms of market value, mined coins, perfomance, stability and more. Bitcoin however has inspired thousands of other new alternative cryptocurrencies to be created in the quest to dominate the new age future currency, but out of the thousands new currencies many of them have failed due to various reasons as scams, fraud, insecure etc...

Cryptocurrencies are your traditional type of currency known as FIAT, theycan be traded just as the USD, POUND, EURO, YEN etc.., with a cryptocurrency you can shop online and also buy goods and services offline. You can also invest using a cryptocurrency and even keep it in a savings account to earn interest.

How do you get a cryptocurrency you may ask? Sure, this is a very important question and to answer I will start from the top using Bitcoin. So after creating the blockchain and everything needed for this currency to function, the process of creating a Bitcoin involved using a computer to start a process called mining to create a coin. So evry cryptocurrency can only be created by mining using computers, not the old fashion way of printing paper. Each cryptocurrency has a unique address that is kept securely in a wallet as the address allows you to receive and send cryptocurrency to merchants and your peers, to understand more on wallets go here.

There is now tonnes of information available today on the internet about cryptocurrencies including information about each cryptocurrency. I will not be able to put all the necessary information here but I will let you visit the websites with credible, useful and good information about cryptocurrencies.

List Of Some Active Cryptocurrencies

Released in 2009
Released in 2015
Released in 2013
Released in 2014
Released in 2015
Released in 2017
Released in 2014
Released in 2014
Released in 2014
Released in 2014
Released in 2011
Released in 2013
Released in 2017
Released in 2011
Released in 2013
Released in 2015
Released in 2015
Released in 2014        

New Cryptocurrencies

* Zimbocash - Zash                                                                                                                                    ZIMBOCASH (ZASH) Listed On May 19, 2020 On Bithumb Global

ZIMBOCASH (ZASH) is a decentralised currency for Zimbabwe. The country is in Africa and is entering its second hyperinflation. With rampant money printing, prices are rising, stores are emptying and people are desperate for sound money. ZIMBOCASH is the solution. It is a cryptocurrency system where the supply of money is fixed. All Zimbabweans who sign up are allocated with ZIMBOCASH. Subscribers need to make six transactions to unique account holders before they can sell their ZIMBOCASH tokens on the exchange. The goal is to see ordinary Zimbabweans using ZASH to transact between themselves making reference to a market price.

Total Supply: 4,500,000,000 ZASH
Circulating Supply: 950,000,000 ZASH
Website: www.zimbo.cash

Create Your Account Here

*  Breezecoin - BRZE BREEZECOIN (BRZE) Listed On  Apr 27, 2020 On Bithumb Global

-Breezecoin is an ERC-20 token cryptocurrency focused on real estate & tourism sectors
-Breezecoin has been created by Breeze de Mar, which is originally a construction and real estate company. The companie´s roots go back 60 years. The company has more than 20 completed real estate projects. Breeze de Mar is based in UK, US, Turkey and Germany.

- The main costruction activities are currently in the United States and in Turkey. Current projects are:
a) Orlando, Florida (US) : Condo Hotel Resort
b) Kumburgaz, Istanbul (Turkey): Condos and shopping
c) Las Vegas, Nevada (US): Hotel Project
d) Kartepe (Turkey): Vacation Resort, time share concept
The total volume of the current projects is about 1 billion US-Dollars.

Total Supply: 200,000,000 BRZE
Circulating Supply: 100,000,000 BRZE
* CACHE Gold  - CGT                           CACHE Gold (CGT) Listed On June 3, 2020 On Bithumb Global

CACHE Gold tokens are fully regulated, public, transparent, redeemable Ethereum ERC-20 tokens backed by gold stored in vaults around the world. Each CACHE Gold token is backed by 1 gram of pure gold. CACHE provides unparalleled transparency with GramChain® asset tracking, a revolutionary Proof of Reserve system that enables the public to view photos and see real-time status updates for each and every bar backing CACHE Gold. CACHE Gold tokens can be traded on exchanges, redeemed for physical gold or sold to a network of liquidity providers for fiat currency. CACHE Gold is licensed and regulated by the Singapore Ministry of law and has been granted a license under the Precious Stones and Precious Metals Dealers Act (PSPM Act). CACHE Gold tokens are only backed by gold from reputable, trusted refiners such as national mints and members of the LBMA. CACHE’s underlying gold is stored around the world in secure vaults operated by Dillon Gage, Brink's, Loomis and The Safe House

Website: https://cache.gold

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