Make your dreams and plans be a reality. 

Are you willing to join a network of like minded individuals who are motivated to help each other secure their financial future? 

If you answers are YES, welcome to the only Peer2Peer Network that will open new possibilities In your life.

Peer2Peer Income Network – PIN, is a platform that was developed to make it possible for any person interested to achieve financial freedom to do so with a peace of mind and less risk.

We have embraced the concept of Peer2Peer donations and fused it with other concepts as crowdfunding, fundraising, money sharing/stokvel club to create our own unique concept that will make it possible for all members to set a target of how much they want to generate on a monthly basis so that by the end of each group lifecycle, the member will have managed to raise funds for a project, debt clearance, monthly expenses and more.

PIN – Peer2Peer Income Network has an open structure which adheres to:

·          Give all members the ability to track progress anytime as you need to,

·          Engage in forums and understand better how  to succeed with our concept,

·          Provide a secure environment for all members to participate at no risk of losing income,

·          Transparency  with verifiable performance statistics as well as members transaction history

This summarised, is simply TOTAL FREEDOM for all members to be in control of their MISSION. 

Some clubs, platforms and networks do not provide for any this kind of freedom and security including the ability to understand the risk of being part of their program. This was our motivation to create this network, to stop individuals from losing to SCAMS disguised as genuine Peer to Peer investments, donations etc.. platforms. With Peer2Peer Income Network you are in control of your destiny, finances and level of success and we will provide all the support so that you can achieve your goals.

Peer2Peer Income Network, a platform for those who are determined, work hard and know that the risk is in failure to do anything if you want to succeed.

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