Ultrazaz Art

Art with a twist.

Welcome to Ultrazaz, the name of Splendid, Great, and Majestic.

Ultrazaz Art brings into existence a new form of WOW artistically.

The Ultrazaz form of Digital Inspired Art.

The nature of a new Art Dimension.

Ultrazaz Creative Digital Art is Fun, Unique, Impressive.

The Ultrazaz Art Collections bring about a Fresh view of everyday objects put together to create new Art Pieces.

Ultrazaz Art is not predictable or obvious but is simply Un-thinkable, it is a form of Art with an Adventerous Twist.

What more, the Ultrazaz Art is available as NFT.

Are you ready have fun, with a Twist in the form of Art, Digitally?



30 - 6 April 2022

Buy any of the following art pieces before they go PUBLIC, put your offer as following:

1. Sole Buyer Offer and Multiple Buyers Offers options. If your sole buying offer price is higher than the total price of all multiple buyers, we will sell the art piece to you only as the sole buyer.
2. If there is no sole buyer for any art piece, we will only sell to the 3 (three) highest multiple buyers offers available by the end of the 7 days window period.
3. Payment of the art piece you offered to buy should be done to any of our payment options provided within 48 hours or the sell will be voided and canceled for your purchase.
4. Delivery of your art piece is done electronically within 24 hours of receiving your payment.
5. We try to make everything simple but if you have any quires or questions please send an email to:
6. You are free to use the art piece as you wish in digital or print format. Your art piece will be delivered as a full high resolution file without watermark.
7. To make an offer use the art piece number listed in the art box below.
8. All offers to buy the below art pieces must be submitted by email to:

After 7 days all art pieces not bought through our exclusive offer will be listed for sale in different NFT marketplaces.
The Animal Debate Collection










Next Collection Is The Lemon Twisted From 10 to 17 April 2022

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